In Memory of...

CH Gustave Van de Klaverhoeve


March 6, 2007 – June 4, 2016


Gus was the easiest dog I’ve ever had in my life – bar none. He was sweet, calm, agreeable, obedient, and loving. At 130 pounds he could have been a handful, but he never was. He didn’t pull on his leash, surf the counters, steal shoes, break into the garbage or commit any of the myriad sins favored by my other Berners. He passed his CGC with flying colors after one beginner obedience course. He was an absolutely wonderful Delta therapy dog, bringing his own brand of joy to the folks undergoing chemo at the local cancer center.

Gus wasn’t perfect, however. His first car ride was to the Brussels airport, where he was put in a crate for the 8 hour flight to the USA. Consequently, it took me a year or so to persuade him a) to get back into a car and b) to get back out of it again. He positively hated baths. He favored the peaceful resistance theory; when I tried to get him into the tub he would simply lie down and become dead weight. It worked very well.

Gus placed 4th in the Stud Dog Class at the Wisconsin specialty, and sired many beautiful pups, passing on his gorgeous head, his great bone and coat, and, most importantly, his wonderful temperament. I’ll always be grateful to Andre and Maria Verschueren-Claes for entrusting this gorgeous boy to me. He will be sorely missed.



Sandusky Forever Faith V Pawmark


April 4, 2002 - March 26, 2014



The Bernese Mountain Dog standard states that Berners "may be aloof to the attentions of strangers". Faith must have missed that sentence; she certainly was never aloof to anybody!  If Faith met you, she adored you, and that’s all there is to it.  She could not get enough of people; she was the only dog I ever had who ran toward the vet! When Faith was in puppy kindergarten, she ignored all the other puppies in the class. Instead she went from person to person, wriggling her whole body in utter joy, and presented herself to be petted. That never changed. When she went to the dog park, it was all about the other dog owners, not their canine companions.

Faith especially loved children, and was remarkably gentle and careful with them, though if you gave her half a chance she'd wind up in their laps, or yours. Faith did not pass her OFA x-rays for hips and Faith & Guselbows, consequently she was spayed when she was 2 years old. But she remained mobile and pain-free and was the best swimmer in my bunch. Faith did some training in obedience, (rally was her particular favorite), and she showed a real gift for it. But her greatest gift was her enormous capacity to love, which she daily gave to me, and every one she met.


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